Convenience store giant 7/11 was today celebrating it’s landmark four gazillionth store in Thailand with the opening of a store on Chang Klan Road. That store was the 18th of 229 stores that were opened in Thailand by 7/11 on Tuesday alone.

The landmark figure means that 7/11 is the biggest convenience store retailler in Thailand by a ratio of 18,000,000,000 to 1 against all of its competitors combined.

Some of our sharper readers may be aware that a ‘gazillion’ is a purely theoretical number which has no actual value assigned to it, and is only usually used to mean a lot. However the traditional number system of millions, billions, trillions, and even quadrillions, centillions and the Googolplex have been deemed insufficient to communicate just how many 7/11 stores there are in Thailand.

7/11 stores are opening so quickly, their rate of multiplication has overtaken that of several forms of bacteria such as E-coli. As store openings are occurring quicker than analysts are able to count stores, Thai officials have deemed ‘gazillion’ an appropriate term to estimate the number of 7/11 stores, and even then the gazillion estimate was only thought to be a quarter of the true number of stores.

In Thailand, a person is on average, always within 17.8 metres of a 7/11 store, even when areas of jungle or Thailand’s territorial waters are included in the land mass covered.

It is thought that 469% of the Thai population visit 7/11 on a daily basis, although this figure has been slightly skewed as most visit the store at least five times per day to cover their daily needs.

7/11 is Thailand’s biggest employer, employing 243% of the population, though again it is assumed that many Thais work at multiple 7/11 stores in order for this figure to be possible.

7/11 customer and employee Patpong Sirriwatana commented, “4 gazillion stores? I would have thought there were at least 6 gazillion.

“And it’s definitely less than 17.8 metres per store. Look. With my left hand, I can touch the door of a 7/11 store, and with my right hand, I can reach inside the cash register of a completely different 7/11 store.

I’m not sure which one I actually work in to be honest.”

A 7/11 spokesman welcomed the landmark, claiming the logic defying number of stores was good for the Thai economy, and provided Thai citizens and expats with everything they need in their day to day lives, apart from healthy food of course.