Condo construction company Karnkanok has launched radical new plans to build their latest condominium underground.

Due to restrictions on building heights in Chaing Mai that limit properties to seven stories, Karnkanok have decided to build the opposite way, creating 15 floors of condominium underground.

Previous Karnkanok projects have been named One+, so rather appropriately, the new project will be named One-.

The increasing demand for land in the area has driven up the costs of land ownership, with limits on the size of buildings prompting the team at Karnkanok to think up ambitious new plans. There are many in opposition to the idea of owning a condominium that is essentially a basement however.

Prospective condominium owner Stephen Peterson commented, “If we dig that far into the earth, will I have to worry about lava seeping in from the Earth’s core through my windows?

I don’t think they have quite thought this through.”

Indeed there are other concerns for Karnanok, such as how the building will attract new tenants if all that can be seen from the street is simply a giant hole in the ground. It is not thought that it will prove easy to sell a ‘Close up wall of dirt’ view, and these rooms may have to be priced cheaper than ‘Garden view’ and ‘Pool view’ properties at other Karnanok locations.

On the other hand however, there could well be some positives, as Mr Peterson pointed out.

“I could have plants growing out of the walls which could be cool. Though it might prove tricky to get some sunlight in for them to grow. Maybe I could use a spade through my window and dig out some dinosaur fossils!

“It will also be a lot easier to get to my room by the stairs than it is in a traditional building as it will be downstairs rather than up. Although getting out of the room…well I’m sure they will include an elevator.”