Emergency services were called out to a public toilet earlier today to attend to an American man who had barricaded himself in a cubicle for an entire day.

The man, named Stephen Peterson, was found to be in good health, and explained that he had merely wanted to hold on to the toilet cubicle having found it in a dry condition early in the morning.
Mr Peterson explained, “I normally use this toilet on my way to work each day, and every day the floor, the seat – everything basically – has been soaked by whoever used the toilet previously spraying water from that water gun at the side of the toilet.

“But today, I came in and the seat was bone dry. The bottom of my shorts didn’t get wet from the floor when I sat down.

“So basically, I reached some sort of delirium from the pleasure of having a dry bottom and didn’t want to leave.”

The toilet attendant expressed his surprise at Mr Peterson’s emergence from the toilet unscathed, having called the emergency services in fear that he might have fallen in. The fire brigade expressed annoyance at having been called out for a non-incident, but refused to blame the attendant for his actions.

An Around the Moat survey of other users of the toilets was unable to determine a reasoning for why toilet floors in Thailand are always soaking wet when you visit them.
Mr Peterson’s boss, who is an American himself, was understanding of his employee’s actions and awarded him a retrospective day’s paid holiday.