Expat foreigners living in Thailand are to be excluded from Big C stores after 5pm, the company has announced in a statement.

Due to complaints from Thai natives, Big C has decided to implement a total ban on foreigners from entering their stores between the hours of 5pm in the evening and closing time.

The measures are being taken to appease Thai nationals frustrated by having to wait in line behind foreigners who have not grasped the basics of the Thai language or the ability to recognise the difference between Thai coins.

Thais are notorious for their lack of patience, and a dithering old westerner counting coins at the checkout till is a key frustration of the indigenous population.

The ban will apply to all persons living in Thailand that are not owners of a Thai passport. Those of a particularly pale complexion but native to Thailand have been advised to bring identification with them to the supermarket from now on.

Big C expects the ban to have minimal impact on their expat customers. A Big C spokesperson said, “We don’t expect many expats to actually be affected by the ban as they all have maids or Thai wives that can do the shopping for them anyway. Furthermore they are often rich and do not work during the day, so they can pop along then if they need to.

“This ban should allow Thai nationals a more pleasant shopping experience, where they can push and shove in the queue as much as they like without drawing the wrath of an older white gentleman who will shout at them in a language they don’t understand.”

Big C loyalty card holderPongpat Siriwatana commented, “In the last week I’ve told six different foreigners to go back and weigh their vegetables, but somehow I still end up waiting at the till as the shop attendant runs off to weigh the produce for them. How do they not learn?”

Expat grocery consumer Stephen Peterson was less impressed by the news. He said, “I’m a bit offended by the suggestion that I’m a dithering fool that slows everybody down in the supermarket. I was in Big C just yesterday, and it only took me about, forty or fifty minutes was it? No maybe it was just over an hour. It definitely wasn’t and hour and a half. Although if you include parking time it may well have been two hours. Actually, come to think of it, it was a Tops.

“Sorry, what did you say about the vegetables? Doesn’t the shop attendant weigh them for you?”