Thai tourist companies to promote nudity after Hong Kong model bungee jumps naked.Tourist organizations around Thailand are planning to introduce nude only activities in a bid to boost their flagging businesses.

A government think tank has been set up to assess the potential for increased tourism that could be brought about by nudity as they seek to repair the damage done to Thailand’s tourist industry by the recent economic crisis.

The increased visitor rates at X-Centre Bungee Jump in Chaing Mai since a female model from Hong Kong did the jump in the nude have convinced many in the tourism industry that a lack of clothes may motivate a similar rise in visitor numbers at their own attractions, and the government are taking the proposals very seriously.

A Chiang Mai based Elephant ride operator has already announced that on Thursdays, the elephants will wear more clothes than the humans, while AirAsia have decided to trial a no clothes flight on the 11:30PM Wednesday night flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong, on which the young model who jumped naked at X-Centre will be aboard the maiden flight.

The phenomenon has taken Thai tourist industry experts by surprise. Industry expert Pongpat Siriwattana said, “Everyone is just surprised that a video of a naked female model would capture so much attention. Previously we had focused on things such as safety, social responsibility and animal welfare, but it turns out nudity sells. Who knew?”

Frequent Thailand tourist Stephen Peterson commented, “Would I have to be naked? I’m all for seeing female models bungee jumping nude but I’m not so sure it’s worth it if I have to expose my jiggly bits as well.

“Would X-Centre guarantee a naked model with every jump? I’m not sure 2,000 Baht plus risking my life would be a worthwhile price to see naked men or some 65 year old wrinkled naked women doing the jump.”

Tourism minister Boomabroon Yaporn, who will chair the think tank, has claimed that embracing nudity could suit Thailand perfectly. He said, “We believe that more nudity could be the perfect thing to boost Thailand’s tourist industry. The temperature in Thailand is consistently hot all year round and we feel many tourists would be quite happy on a practical level to simply ditch their clothes in a bid to feel more comfortable in the heat.

“And of course, there is the fact that many of our tourists are sleazy westerners only interested in visitng dodgy bars anyway, so perhaps the promise of more nudity at our various other tourist attractions will encourage them to spend more money.”