A recent takeover of Facebook group Chaing Mai based expat community ‘Farang Community Chaing Mai’ has finally been revealed to be a vanity purchase, according to virtual trading industry expert Dojee Dealuh.

A change in staff led to harsher moderation, leaving many local trolls unsatisfied at having been restricted from tormenting fellow group users with daily abuse. This has led to increased reports of violent conduct under numerous Chaing Mai bridges.

Conspiracy theories abounded to try and explain the reason behind the decision to not allow mockery, foul language, insults, racial or sexual slurs or tips on how to fly a kite, with many members wondering whether the previous owner of the group, Jeulo Constantino, had expelled the previous moderators in order to harvest their organs. Others suggested a love triangle, or series of love triangles that had led to a love hexagon may have been the reason behind the dismissals.

However the simplest and most common reason for anything is money. Facebook groups have become a status symbol for the wealthy. Moderator June Unland has been revealed to be the not-so-mysterious hiding-in-plain-sight purchaser of the group. Having recently won the lottery, and been inspired by Rupert Murdoch’s tyrannical control of the minds of the people of any country that predominantly speaks English, June invested in controlling the media narrative in Chaing Mai.

Either that, or she just didn’t really fancy a yacht because she gets seasick easily.

The price for the group of more than 11,000 members was believed to be in excess of 100 million THB, putting a value of roughly $50 per member according to financial expert Kanut Addup.

Sad middle aged troll and group member Stephen Peterson commented, “She’s just a facist! Why shouldn’t I be able to gloat about someone asking the same question over and over again? It’s ridiculous; political correctness gone mad. Bloody communists.

“I guess I’ll just have to make do with cyber attacking Chiang Mai Buddy Ltd since June’s blocked my personal messages. Libtard.”

Typical comments on June’s performance as moderator of the group included, “She couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.” Ironically that is how June plans to reconcile differences with group members; she has organised a group trip to a local microbrewery during Oktoberfest. The itinerary of the trip is believed to include an binge drinking session followed by one hour dedicated solely to angry group members shouting at her until they tire themselves out.

Jeulo Constantino is believed to be attending via video link from his new luxury condo in Monaco where he is reported to be ‘not giving a rat’s ass’ about any of the fall out from the sale of the group.